Thursday, November 8, 2012

To Believe or Not to Believe...

To Believe or Not to Believe...that is the question.

If you had asked me this same question about five years ago, I would have swiftly replied with a "no" and gone into no further detail. This was mostly because of my fear of scrutiny and/or rejection from not only the public, but my family and friends.  Now, paranormal events and investigations have been televised and portrayed through the media as being real events that are scientifically measurable. I had a student who was animate that he wasn't going to read because there weren't any books he liked. He did however, love a show called Ghost Adventures which he frequently talked about. I made sure to watch this program so I could then go and find books that may mirror what it was about. I was hooked after the first ten minutes and the rest is (and will be) history!

To go back a few years...or maybe more like thirty, I had many experiences as a child that I couldn't explain. I came from a Catholic family that had never discussed the paranormal and did not openly accept the existence of ghosts. I would rationalize many of my experiences as, "I just know things" and as I got older, I would play off my experiences as, "I must have heard it from somewhere" or I was overtired.  I continued to "just know things" throughout the years. It wasn't until recently, when discussing this with a fellow paranormal investigator, I realized that my gut feelings and intuition were something that we all have, but only a few truly understand and can control what they experience.

So if you were to ask me today, do I believe...I most certainly do!

Do you?

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