Saturday, November 3, 2012

Iron Island

My first paranormal investigation was on Saturday night four days before Halloween (October 27, 2012). This was a Halloween celebration as no other I have done or experienced before. When I was young, Halloween meant dressing up (for me, mostly as one of the Barbie's with the waxy blonde hair that would always get tangled up, sweaty masks you could barley breathe in, and strong smelling plastic dresses that tied in the back) and going around the neighborhood with my sisters trick-or-treating and never having the opportunity to give out one of the tricks I had conjured up over the last few days before Halloween. Everyone always gave a treat and never wanted the trick! No fun!

As I became a teenager, Halloween meant praying you were going to receive an invitation to one of the most popular girls in school Halloween party and then you would have to try and find the absolute cutest costume and that no one else wore the same one or else you might die from the embarrassment. Those Halloween parties were never about candy or scare tactics. They were a Halloween costume version of junior high / high school speed dating, and did I mention that those days were insane! Thankfully those days are over.

Then as an adult we would go to each others homes for party's that gave awards for best costume, scariest costume, cutest couple costume, and so forth. These were more about alcoholic consumption than the trick-or-treating of the original celebration. Even that didn't have any connection to the real reasoning behind Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). The American version of Halloween gives children the opportunity to get free candy, and adults to act like kids again. The real Day of the Dead celebrates the souls of family members and loved ones.

My new Halloween tradition will be paranormal investigation! This was my first one, but definitely not my last! Iron Island Museum was more than I could have imagined. We arrived there with twenty minutes to spare for the book signing with Chip Coffey. He was amazing and personable! We were able to talk with him and ask questions without there being a mob scene trying to get to him. The capacity was limited to twenty-five people. It wasn't long into Chip's speaking that we were interrupted by knocking sounds coming from the attic. We were all accounted for in the chapel, so the noise was none of us. Chip let us know who it was and there was another faint tap to acknowledge Chip's response. That was only the beginning of the night!

During the actual investigation of the location I didn't feel any strong changes in my mood or the environment of the rooms, but let's just say; for all who were there, the flashlights were awesome! I have never seen anything like it...and it was apparently record breaking!  I had one personal experience in the basement where I felt as though my hair had been pulled. I thought my hair had gotten caught in the back of the chair I was sitting in or someone had walked past me, but there was no one around me and nothing to indicate it was the chair.

I can't wait to go through the recordings on my digital recorder to see if I caught anything and I am going to read Chip's book Growing Up Psychic. I will update everyone on my findings in my next post.
Until then...keep believing :)

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