Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inaugural Investigation

This is my first blog about my upcoming inaugural investigation. My adrenaline starts pumping every time I think about what it will be like when the lights go out. I have spent several hours learning the many functions of my new digital voice recorder. I've been practicing what type of questions I may want to ask, but what will I say if I actually get an answer?

In the past, I have gone running and screaming from the exits of haunted houses that contained cheap Styrofoam gravestones, costumed actors in dimly lit passageways, and the roaring of "chainless" chainsaws and gas fumes. So why would I ever want to go out and purposefully seek out haunted locations and the "real-deal"?

The "Dynamic Diana","Awesome Amanda",and the "All-Knowing Nichole" (my friends and "trainers" from Black Hawk Paranormal based out of Rochester, New York) made a great point about the fact that haunted houses are meant to scare the people within them through the use of obscene props and people jumping out at you in the pitch dark and at the most inopportune times. They want people to have that thrill and return again but with more friends and more money. Paranormal investigation is scientific in nature and utilizes our natural curiosity to help drive our mission to learn more. Real Paranormal investigation is calm and collected in how the location is approached, what technology will be used to support the investigation, and what historical information and previous evidence will be used to help support the investigation itself.

I feel like I am still a little scared about my possible over dramatic reaction to something happening, but I am definitely prepared to meet the expectations my investigation team has set for me and I want to make them proud.
As I am a fan of many of the shows that depict "ghost hunting" and paranormal investigations, I am also very interested in having the opportunity to meet Chip Coffey at this weekend's event. Chip will be signing autographs for his new book just released titled "Growing Up Psychic" which is of high interest to me as a teacher. I am interested in his view point of how many of the cases he has been involved in find deeply psychic children as opposed to inituatives and what he thinks is best for them in using, controlling, and enhancing their psychic abilities.

Tomorrow is the day! I will post and let my followers (if any? I'm hoping to get a few :)know how everything went at the investigation and what possible EVP's (electronic voice phenomena we were able to find, and any other paranormal events that will occur. I can't wait! Until we meet again...