Monday, May 13, 2013

Hinsdale Psychic and Parafest 2013!

May has been a busy month for the team, but somehow we managed to get another productive weekend in! This weekend we enjoyed the Hinsdale Psychic and Parafest 2013 at the Hinsdale House in New York. Our team had its own table where we showcased some of the equipment that is used and previous EVP's (as well as getting our name out there). It was great meeting new teams and teams we already had a chance to meet last weekend. We got to ask other teams questions in relation to some great locations we can scout out for future investigations and once again, the Zombie Outbreak Response Team was there again to entertain the crowd and add to the fun.

 Photo above taken by Paranormal Crossroads Live.

Diana, Nicole, and myself had Tarot card readings...they were incredibly accurate for all three of us. Unfortunately for me, all of my cards were rather dark in nature, but I'll take life as it comes charging at me!

One of the team's founding members and team leader, Diana, also found an incredible hotel for us to stay in so if you're ever in need of a hotel in that neck of the woods, I would totally recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Bradford, PA (junior suite). Awesome find Diana!

Later that night, Diana, Nicole and I participated in the investigation of the Hinsdale House and surrounding grounds. Our group was the first to go upstairs and I had something happen which I still haven't quite been able to explain. While our guide was giving some information on the background of the house I began to feel like the back of my head by my neck was cold and a static type feeling running down the length of my hair. I immediately thought of spiders and tried to quietly ask Diana to please check my hair to make sure nothing was in it! She said no, but the sensation of something (or someone) stroking my hair - but with static instead of a hand - continued throughout my time in the upstairs area of the house. I still haven't decided what I make of this yet as it was an experience I have been trying to rationalize ever since...

The rest of the night was great (although we were freezing!) and the history of the property and the house was amazing. I hope our team gets a chance to g back there this summer and spend the weekend by ourselves to investigate more and without the "contamination" of other people present.

To check out more on the Hinsdale House, you can go to the Facebook page at or their webpage at

If you, or someone you know has been here and had similar experiences or stories, please let us know. If anyone also has recommendations for some great spots to investigate (especially in the New York region), leave a comment for us either here or on the Blackhawk Paranormal Investigators of Rochester Facebook page at

Until our next adventure....keep on believing!

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