Friday, May 10, 2013

Carnival of Parahorror 2013!!!

I know it's been awhile, but my schedule never seems to slow down long enough to get on here and write about all of the awesome new things our team has been doing this spring, but you can always go onto our team's facebook page and check out the latest posts and pictures at !

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Last weekend the senior staff of our team (Diana A., Amanda A., Nichole C., and myself, went to the Carnival of Parahorror 2013 ( ) in Niagara Falls, New York. It was fantastic! I personally wanted to meet Joe Chin from Ghost Hunters International and not only did I meet him, I got to sit down with him, Brian Harnois from Ghost Hunters, and his trusty cameraman Carlos during the V.I.P. party that was held the night before the convention! I also had the opportunity to meet cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard,  Rosalyn Bown from Ghost Hunters Academy, Dan Hooven from Haunted Encounters, some of the cast of The Walking Dead, Tim Shaw, author Corvis Nocturnum (which I have two of his books which I will have to later report about), fellow paranormal investigators and teams, Riley Schillaci who is one of the few female sword swallowers in the world, and so many others!

The day of the convention was held at the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls. The venue was absolutely beautiful and an amazing time was had by all. I personally attended the lecture by Ken Gerhard as I have had many students (and still do) that have been interested in the possible existence of creatures such as bigfoot, lochness, mothman, and others. I had to get a picture with him and his autograph so I could prove to my students (and Tony who is always watching these shows on television), I did indeed meet him.

The team got to spend time with Brian Harnois and get some valuable advice and feedback. He even gave us some great contacts and helped us order our first official banner for upcoming conventions.

I of course, had to have Joe Chin autograph a GHI t-shirt for me! ...and just for Tony, I got my picture taken with Jason from Friday the 13th.

That evening our team was able to investigate the Rapids Theatre along with other fellow paranormal investigators, and Kevin Galbraith from The Walking Dead also joined our group. We had some interesting experiences, but due to the amount of other teams also investigating throughout the building, much of what we heard and experienced could have been contamination.

Next is the Hinsdale and Psychic and Para Fest 2013 tomorrow (or today considering I am up writing this at 1:00 AM), May 11!!! ) We are here in Olean settling into our hotel room for the night and I will be sure to report about our experiences later.

I can't wait until tomorrow nights paranormal investigation of the historic and haunted Hinsdale House...until then, keep believing!

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